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Faster than a new PC 

Even new computers need performance optimization. 

Here’s why. Faster than a new PC You just got a new computer. How could you possibly improve on its performance? It’s new, right? 

Even the best computer systems are calibrated to standard factory settings and often come with many preinstalled applications, trialware, tools, widgets, ads and background-running services that constrain performance and might not suit your specific needs. Any unnecessary programs loaded into the start-up by default can slow boot-up times significantly. 

And once you power up, your computer begins to accumulate junk files, cache clutter, broken links, file fragmentation, destabilizing registry errors and other performance barriers. In fact, there are over 24,000 problems your PC may be vulnerable to. 

You’ve invested a lot in your new computer. For less than the cost of dinner and a movie you can automatically ensure your computer stays at peak performance. 

System Mechanic has the tools you need to boost the speed and performance of even a brand-new PC. It helps you identify and eliminate unwanted programs, clear out any errors and clutter as they appear, and automatically ensure your computer stays at peak performance – faster than out of the box. 

Customize your system with just a few clicks 

System Mechanic makes it easy and intuitive for you to get your brand-new PC set up just the way you want it. Get and keep your new computer running at the peak of its performance with System Mechanic’s comprehensive suite of over 50 intelligent tools and technologies, including: 

  • NetBooster®: Automatically tailor your new PC’s network settings for the fastest and most efficient internet performance possible: whether you’ve got dial-up or high-speed internet, NetBooster can detect and set up the optimal configuration for your needs. 

    CRUDD Remover™: Detect any duplicate or redundant programs that may be slowing down or endangering your PC’s performance. Exclusive new social technology shows you which programs are most frequently uninstalled by System Mechanic’s expert user base. 

    Startup Optimizer™: This powerful tool clears out unnecessary items from the Windows Startup folder, and has been lab-proven to improve the start-up speeds of even brand-new computers. 

Keep your PC in peak condition from day one 

One of the most critical ways to preserve your PC’s “like-new” performance is to get started with regular computer maintenance from day one. System Mechanic helps you keep your computer in better-than-new condition effortlessly and automatically, improving long-term performance and extending the life of your PC: 

  • Total Registry Revitalizer™ clears out harmful registry errors as they appear, then defragments, compacts, and backs up the registry for a swift and stable system. 

    PC Cleanup™ regularly detects and sweeps out all the “digital” clutter that accumulates on a PC with regular use, getting rid of junk files that may be slowing your system down. 

    DriveAccelerator™ and Program Accelerator™ defragment hard drives and re-align program files to deliver (and maintain) fast, efficient performance for your PC. 

    Patented ActiveCare® technology gives you the option of letting System Mechanic automatically run these checks, repairs, and optimizations in the background. 

Regular computer care is critical for maintaining overall system performance.

Buy System Mechanic 14 for $39.95 [a $10 Saving] and get Search and Recover for free! [Save $49.95 on both products].